Post-Classical Jazz for Valentine's Day

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We live in a post-classical world. Every day genre boundaries are pushed, invaded, blurred or otherwise violated. With that in mind, the Brothers Balliett take a multi-angled look at the overlap between new music and jazz.

Heiner Goebbels, the great German composer, lives in the new-music world but draws freely on jazz in the tradition of Kurt Weill. Wayne Shorter, on the other hand, lives in the jazz world but has recently been making forays into the traditional classical scene. Embodying the true symbiosis between jazz and classical is Mark-Anthony Turnage, who worked closely with John Scofield to produce "Away with Words": we think you'll agree it is quite a groovy venture. We finish up with Dave Holland's "Global Citizen", a traditional jazz tune... in 11/8!!

This week's world premiere comes from Tom Bergeron — a brass trio fanfare with Tibetan singing bowl.