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Fred Lerdahl writes music that is thumping, harmonically interesting, and full of groove, and to listen to his music is to understand his process. The Brothers Balliett have been fans of Lerdahl's work for some time now, and this week they pay homage to the composer with a one-hour festival.

The Oboe Quartet is full of ear-melting chords and tantalizing textures, not to mention a heavy dose of virtuosity. The Waltzes, sometimes funny and often referencing the famous Strauss family, are a study in compositional form with a thick veneer of entertainment. One of Lerdahl's most popular pieces, Waves, closes the program—written in his trademark "spiral" structure, it's truly worth a listen.

To round out the festival, we include the Ariel Fantasy of Paul Moravec, one of Lerdahl's most successful students. And of course we offer a fanfare to open the program, written specifically for the Brothers Balliett: this week's world premiere comes from Adam Matthes.