A Kaleidoscopic Array of Colorful Curiosities

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Whether you have full blown synesthesia, or you've just always thought that D Major sounds kind of blue, humans have associated color with music for ages. This week, the Brothers Balliett serve up a palette of colorful pieces—music that makes explicit reference to color. Will you agree with their titles?

Composer Michael Torke has volumes of orchestral pieces named after the shades he feels represents them. Today's selections will include Bright Blue Music and Charcoal. Composer-saxophone enthusiast Barbara Thompson extended her saxophone quartet into a work for full blown saxophone orchestra, which cycles through Red, Black and the beautiful Green.

At the center of today's program is Marc-André Dalbavie's dazzling orchestral work Color. Every portion of the color spectrum can be found in this engaging piece. So if your week is lacking color, tune in for a panoply of colorful music and get your kaleidoscope on!

The Brothers Balliett are also thrilled to continue their fanfare commissioning project; this week's radio world premiere comes from Tomasz Karvounis.