Bizarre Instruments

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The Grown-Person's Guide to the Orchestra was a good start to exploring the way orchestral instruments are used today. But many of our listeners pointed out that we left out some of the more recently invented instruments. Always eager to respond to our listeners' requests, the Brothers Balliett have assembled a show devoted to Bizarre Instruments.

From Thomas Bloch we hear two works for ondes martenot, showcasing the heavy groove and shredding aspect of this bizzare instrument. Ligeti was a great lover of bizarre instruments, and personally arranged his Musica ricercata for barrel organ. John Morton's Solo Traveller is written for vocal quartet accompanied by a music box ensemble. And who can forget that quite new instrument, the turntable, for which Gabriel Prokofiev wrote a concerto?

Do you have a favorite bizarre instrument? Let us know as we ever expand our Grown Persons Guide!