Paging Dr. Feldman, Dr. Morton Feldman

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If you were ever on the fence about the great American composer Morton Feldman, this week's edition of The Brothers Balliett will make you a life-long fan. Well known for his friendship with Cage and Stockhausen, for his delicate textures and heart-breaking harmonies, for his pioneering work in graphic scores, and for those big thick glasses, Feldman's music is irresistible and a must for any contemporary household.

We open with 4 Pianos, Feldman's contribution to a long line of music for multiple keyboards, already explored by Mozart, Stravinsky, and many others. Different? Oh yes. Beautiful? You better believe it. But this is just an appetizer for the main course: For Samuel Beckett, an unbelievably beautiful large work, with that classic "slowly rotating crystal" sound that characterizes the best of Feldman's output. Put it on, shut your eyes, and see where you end up.

And tune in next week, when the Brothers Balliett turn a critical eye on the Electric Guitar!