Recent Acquistions to the Brothers Balliett Library

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One of the best things about hosting a new-music radio show is the implied permission to blow a lot of one's own money on tons of new CDs. We take this to the extreme, and can often be seen perusing the stacks at New York's finest CD stores. Not every purchase is a treasure chest, but every now and again we find something that just has to be shared with the new-music public. This week's show is built entirely from recent additions to our ever-growing library.

Charles Wuorinen is featured twice: his Sonata for Guitar and Piano combines two continuo instruments into one continuously groovy piece. His Eleven Short Pieces is in the style of Webern; they total only two and a half minutes! From Jeremy Haladyna's Mayan Cycle we hear a selection from Dark Matter (pictured left), a remarkably colorful piece for alto flute and vibraphone, based on a legend about a mythical rat. Richard Barrett claims influence from Xenakis and Stockhausen. It is audible and wickedly funky. And of course some music from the great American John Harbison.

If you think your music stands up to the Brothers Balliett taste, send it our way, and become another of our Recent Acquisitions!