The Vocal Scene with George Jellinek: American Opera 1776-1976

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In this episode, which aired during America's bicentennial year, George surveys American Opera from 1776-1976. We hear works by Stephen Foster, Douglas Moore, Samuel Barber and Virgil Thomson, among others.


  1. Rayner Taylor: Buxom Joan: Finale  (1778)
  2. Hanson: The Merry Mount:  Final Scene - Lawrence Tibbett
  3. Herbert:  Natoma:  Patriotic Air - John McCormack
  4. Foster:  Wilt Thou Be Gone Love - Jan DeGaetani, Leslie Guinn
  5. Moore:  The Ballad of Baby Doe: Final Scene -  Beverly Sills
  6. Blitzstein:  Regina, Second Act Finale: Brenda Lewis, Helen Strine, Elizabeth Carron, Joshua  Hecht
  7. Thomson:  Four Saints in Three Acts: Edward Matthews
  8. Barber:  Vanessa  : Do Not Utter a Word - Leontyne Price