Special Ks

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Does your last name have to start with "K" to write awesome new music? No, but apparently it helps! The Brothers Balliett were reviewing their CD collection this week and noticed this trend. This show pays homage to the eleventh letter of the alphabet and the remarkable composers who are filed under this symbol.

Naturally we are hearing from Mauricio Kagel - Les Inventions d'Adolphe Sax is typical of his exploratory nature and his love of instruments (and instrument makers). We also hear from our mainstay Oliver Knussen, who has given us a delightful set of songs drawn from Winnie the Pooh. You won't believe the amazing soprano in this cycle.

We will also hear a horn quartet by Jamie Keesecker, perfect fare to open a "K" show, and two wonderful pieces for that crazy "K" instrument, the KOTO, by the Japanese NYC resident Yumi Kurosawa: GreenPt, after the Brooklyn neighborhood, and Inner Space.

Check out your collection and see if we've missed any great "K" composers...or if there is another letter the Brothers Balliett should explore!