Pop Stars Gone Wild

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What happens when pop stars go wild? Sometimes they destroy hotel rooms. Sometimes they buy islands. Sometimes they write classical music. This week's episode of The Brothers Balliett takes a look at some remarkable members of the pop world writing more "serious" music.

How about Paul McCartney's very first film score? These tunes, composed for the 1966 film "The Family Way", were developed by Beatles producer George Martin and turned into a set of variations. This beautiful music bears the trademark stamp of Paul's songwriting and George's classical know-how. A must-hear for Beatles fans and British film buffs.

On the other end of the spectrum is a work from Anthony Braxton, the MacArthur genius and jazz legend. The simple title - Composition No. 59 - does little to forewarn the listener of the powerfully original ideas contained herein. What exactly does Braxton do when he writes for an orchestra? You'll have to listen to find out, but trust that it is edgy, thumping, and the polar opposite of the McCartney that opens the show. Two legends with remarkably different visions!

Closing out the show is a work from future legend Jessica Pavone. Active in both the pop and classical worlds right here in New York City, this piece will surely find you added to her ever-growing list of fans.

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