Back to School with the Brothers Balliett

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Well folks, it's September. Get your Trapper Keeper. Get your college-ruled notebook paper. Get your protractors and calculators. Get your...manuscript paper??

The Brothers Balliett toast the return of the "season of learning" with a show that focuses on music by current composition students from around the country, beginning with a beautiful and virtuosic violin/organ duo by Juilliard's own Molly Joyce.

From the grande dame of colleges, Harvard UniversityMarek Poliks shares a richly harmonic world explored in the concise three-movement string quartet ordinances(B). On the other side of the country, James Bean explores a completely different side of the string quartet with his abrasive and singing This Will Be Changed and Made Solid 2. Finally, a smattering of wonderful pieces by composers from the ever-imaginative department at Princeton University round out the program, including works by Jascha Narveson and Elliot Cole.

There's no test at the end of the show, but you'll want to pay attention anyway—this music is bright and alive with attractive details, and full of the youthful vigor that students are perennially sure to display!