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NYC Trails Nation on Returning Census Forms

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants New York to catch up to the rest of the nation with the census.

So far, he says, only 48 percent of New Yorkers have returned their forms, compared to 62 percent in the rest of the country.

George Hulse of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry says his community is traditionally difficult to reach. But he and other community leaders are doing outreach in public housing and schools.

"We go out to these organizations," he says. "We talk at their meetings, we talk about the census."

Hulse says the Caribbean community often suffers from a lack of government resources and a good census response could change that.

To help get the word out before the April 15 deadline, Mayor Bloomberg says the city is planning several census parades and rallies this weekend. Most will be in Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods, where less than a third of residents have returned their census forms.