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Over 700 People Dead from China's Quakes

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The latest death toll from the earthquake in western China is 760 people killed. Thousands more are injured and facing freezing cold temperatures without heat or shelter.

"We've seen too many bodies and now they're trying to deal with them," a Tibetan volunteer worker told The Associated Press. "The bodies are piled up like a hill. You can see bodies with broken arms and legs and it breaks your heart."

The AP reports that supplies of food, water, gas and other necessities are running low in the region. Many survivors in Jiegu township spent the night outside in freezing weather. Rescue teams are searching for those reported missing, but many rescuers are tired from the high winds and thin oxygen in the area.

Yesterday's series of earthquakes--the worst of which measured 6.9--is the worst to hit the area since the Sichuan earthquake struck two years ago and left 90,000 dead or missing.