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City, Teachers Agree to Close 'Rubber Rooms'

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city's teachers' union have reached an agreement to end close the so-called 'rubber rooms' that for years have served as an administrative limbo for teachers accused of misconduct or imcompetence.

The mayor and the president of the United Federation of Teachers Michael Mulgrew say that they're committed to shutting down the rubber rooms by December.

There are currently 550-teachers who have been suspended with pay because of investigations of misconduct, or incompetence. They're sitting in these 6 rubber rooms around the city costing the city about $30 million dollars a year.

Under the new agreement, they will be sent to administrative offices or given non-teaching duties in their schools, pending an investigation and disiplinary hearing. The hearing process will also move more quickly, within 60-days at the most and 10 days in some of the lesser cases.

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