8500 Teachers May Be Cut in NY State Budget

Monday, April 19, 2010

The state budget crunch could result in 8,500 teachers being cut, but two elected officials say those shouldn't necessarily be the newest ones.

Manhattan Assemblyman Jonathan Bing says the so-called "Last in, First out" policy would hit some districts much worse than others. According to Bing's proposed legislation, experienced teachers would be kept on if they had a good track record.

"They have some legitimate concerns," Bing told WNYC. "They're worried about their jobs, and they provide very good service in the system and they're very good teachers. But if they're quality teachers they don't have to worry because that's going to be recognized by their colleagues at the school, by the parents and by the principal."

Bing and Bronx State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. say in their districts, 20 percent of teachers would lose their jobs under the current policy--far more than some other districts. The Department of Education supports Bing and Diaz's legislation. The teachers' union opposes it.


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Loretta B from NYC

This proposed legislation sounds like a veiled attempt to get rid of older teachers at the top of the pay scale. Regardless of their experience and expertise, many principals, if given the opportunity, will try to replace these teachers with younger, less experienced and less expensive teachers, thereby allowing them to retain more personnel with their limited budgets.

Apr. 19 2010 10:22 PM

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