Frederica Von Stade on Her Career, Her Legacy and Her Decision to Retire

Monday, April 19, 2010

In the music world, there are great singers and there are beloved singers. Mezzo soprano Frederica Von Stade happens to be both.

This Thursday night Von Stade--or "Flicka," as she's known--will retire from the New York stage with a farewell recital at Carnegie Hall. Morning host Jeff Spurgeon talks with Flicka about her career, her legacy and why she is choosing to retire now.

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Jeff Spurgeon


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toni tynan from Greenwich, CT

I have enjoyed listening to Frederica Von Stade many years but never had the opportunity to see her in person or attend a concert. I wish her every happiness, blessings, and good health throughout her retirement. God Bless. Toni Tynan, Greenwich, CT 06831

Apr. 23 2010 03:55 PM
David A. Johnson

Good morning,

I got a big kick out of your Estudiantina Waltz/Rhinegold beer item this morning.

I used to have Estudiantina Waltz on an LP, which also had things on it like Light Cavalry Overture and Artist's Life waltz. Whenever I played Estudiantina, I used to tell everybody that it was from Das Rhinegold. Some people got it, some didn't.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


David A.

Apr. 22 2010 11:55 AM
George from Ridgewood,NJ

Jeff Spurgeon does such a wonderful job in quietly providing the space and ambience to allow the venerable Federica Von Stade to talk so self effacingly about her marvelous career.To some of us, who do not know Fererica, personally ,how refreshing it was to learn that the charm and delicacy of her gifted voice is only exceeded by the gentleness and transparency of her beautiful soul.May that soul continue to sing for many years to come.

Apr. 21 2010 12:02 PM
Kenneth Bennett lane from Lake Hiawatha, NJ

Flicka has earned many kudos for her steadily improving honing of her art. I remember her in Don Carlo at the "Met" Opera many, many years ago.
From opera to concert to Christmas music to the familiar modern rep she has mastered many oeuvre. we wish her well in her new ventures!
Kenneth Bennett Lane, Wagnerian heldentenor.
Director, Richard Wagner Music Drama Institute

Apr. 20 2010 01:57 PM
Linda from Morristown, NJ

I was so delighted to hear Ms. Von Stade mention that she is singing one of Lee Hoiby's songs, and to hear her great enthusiasm about his joining her in her farewell performance.

Now, why doesn't WQXR start playing his music on the air? Mr. Hoiby is America's great unsung composer (Jay Nordlinger, writing in The National Review, agreed). It is well past time that his music receives the concert and broadcast time that it so richly deserves.

One could broadcast a lot of Mr. Hoiby's music without repeating any of them. He is well known for his operas and wealth of art songs; and his many instrumental compositions rank among the best of modern compositions. His violin sonata should be a staple of the repertoire, just as his woodwind quintet works should be considered as such for small ensembles. I could go on and on and on.

Please, please, PLEASE WQXR, please bring his music to the public. He is a national treasure and should be known as such.

Apr. 20 2010 12:08 PM

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