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NY Funds Hospitals to Fill St. Vincent's Void

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New York State is helping an Upper East Side hospital assume some of the functions of St. Vincent's Medical Center, as the Greenwich Village hospital prepares to close its doors for good.

Lenox Hill will receive a $9 million grant to operate an "urgent care center." New York Governor David Paterson said Lenox Hill will initially operate from St. Vincent's main site, but will then seek to move the center to a permanent site in the neighborhood. It would receive patients around the clock, seven days a week, for moderate emergencies that don't require surgery, resuscitation or admission to the hospital.

North Shore-Long Island Jewish Medical Center will operate an ambulance service to transport patients in the area to nearby trauma centers for more serious emergencies. North Shore is one of the area's largest and most financially stable hospital systems, and it's been in talks with Lenox Hill for months about a possible merger.

Four large health clinics from Chelsea to Chinatown are also receiving funding from Albany as part of the deal. They'll get close to $5 million to expand facilities and faculty--in order to absorb many of St. Vincent's patients who need various primary care services, including outpatient treatment for HIV-AIDS.