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MTA To Lay Off 600 Transit Workers

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More than 600 transit workers have received notices that they will lose their jobs in June and July.

An MTA spokesperson told WNYC that most of the workers who received the notices are bus drivers, which are about 1 per cent of the MTA's overall workforce.

One driver, Oneshia Portlette, has not yet received a pink slip but the layoffs make her nervous. "Very stressful time for us because no one knows if we are going to have a job to report to," said Portlette, who has driven buses for ten years. "You're waking up every morning and you don't know if you're going to have a job."

The MTA is operating with a $800 million deficit for this fiscal year. Hundreds of station agents and back office workers have already received layoff notices. The authority has said some of those bus drivers receiving pink slips may still be able to keep their jobs, depending on how the authority restructures itself.

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