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Maya Beiser

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This Sunday's Cued Up on Q2 program presents cello virtuoso Maya Beiser's critically acclaimed concert recorded live on April 14, 2010 at NYC's (Le) Poisson Rouge. The evening focused on selections from the recent recording project, Provenance, which intertwines Maya's personal narrative with those from the Golden Age of medieval Spain, when Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together in harmony.

Hailed as a "cello goddess" by The New Yorker, Maya Beiser is one of the preeminent interpreters of contemporary music, and she was joined on stage by percussionists Glen Velez and Matt Kilmer, laptop-ist Raz Mesinai, and oud player Bassam Saba.

In addition to Provenance's roots in medieval Spain, the project also harkens back to the Israeli kibbutz in which Maya grew up and co-existed with neigboring Muslim and Christian Arab villages. Beiser elaborates, "Provenance outlines a musical landscape in which cultural differences are brought together for the artistic energy they release with each encounter. It embraces co-existence not as an abstract ideal, but as a creative necessity."