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Thai Red-Shirt General Seh Daeng Dies

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Anti-government red-shirt supporter and Thai general Khattiya Sawasdiphol, also known as Seh Daeng, died today. He was shot last week in the head by a sniper in downtown Bangkok.

The Associated Press reports that his death is likely to further incite clashes between red-shirt protestors and security forces in Thailand's capital, Bangkok. The clashes thus far have been the deadliest protests there in decades. In the past week, 37 people have died, hundreds injured, and residents and tourists are being urged to stay away from downtown Bangkok where the clashes are taking place. Public transportation has also been halted.

"Immediately vacate the area that is considered dangerous," said a government television announcement, according to The AP. "Terrorists are trying to cause deaths in the area." Today, clashes intensified in front of a luxury hotel.

Some 5,000 protestors are refusing to leave the camps they've set up in one of Bangkok's commercial districts until Thai Prime Minister Vejjajiva Abhisit dissolves Parliament, calls for new elections and steps down. But Thai security forces told protestors who continued to camp out that they would be subject to two years in prison.

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