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Dog Days by David T. Little

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David T. Little's Dog Days, taken from a short story by Judy Budnitz, tells the story of a family hiding in their suburban home as war rages in the United States. As their neighbors disappear around them, a strange man, who dresses and acts like a dog, appears at the family's door and befriends the youngest daughter, Lisa. The family comes to accept the man/dog, Prince, and treat him as a pet dog even though it is clear to them that he is a man. Many months pass and the family is starving. To the horror of Lisa and her mother, the desperate father and brothers descend upon Prince to kill and eat him. The cast includes lyric soprano Lauren Warsham, soprano Lisa Vroman, mezzo-soprano Ariana Chris and tenor Andrew Drost. The librettist is Royce Vavrek.