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Tap Water Rates Rising

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New Yorkers used to the cost of living constantly going up can brace for another increase.

For the fourth straight year, the New York City's water board has approved a double-digit percentage rate hike. This time the cost of water will go up by 13 percent in the coming fiscal year.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city needs the rate hike to fund costly projects, like the construction of a third water tunnel to the upstate water supply system, and a filtration plant in the Bronx.

“Unfortunately, nobody likes the water rates, but none of this is frivolous stuff and none of this is stuff that we can do without,” Bloomberg said on WOR Radio.

Chris Miller, owner of a co-op in Manhattan, says upkeep costs are probably unavoidable.

“We all want water and we're in an old city. I mean my building was built in 1883, I'm sure the water pipes are probably old,” Miller says.

The average family consuming 80,000 gallons a year can expect its bill to go up almost $100, to a total of $816.

The rate hike goes into effect on July 1.