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High Schools to Lay off Parent Coordinators

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New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein is telling high school principals they can lay off their parent coordinators next fall, if that helps them keep a teacher or after school program.

Elementary and middle schools, however, must keep their parent coordinators.

The city is expecting to lay off thousands of teachers next year because of a $500 million shortfall in state aid. Chancellor Klein said he hopes to know more details by June 1, so principals can plan their budgets. He's also planning to shift some funds around to avoid hitting middle schools especially hard.

Yet Klein told the New York City council that the city still needs to spend $5 million on a teacher recruitment firm. He says there aren't enough teachers with the right special education licenses to meet the demand. Klein also plans to hire two more deputy chancellors, at a cost of almost $500,000 dollars, and give others a raise. 

Klein claims he's cut $38 million from administrative costs.