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Tensions Continue Between North and South Korea

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The South Korean military conducted navy exercises in waters near the disputed border with North Korea today.

The Associated Press reports that 10 South Korean warships tested anti-submarine bombs and fired guns, in an extensive military exercise. Following those actions, North Korea says it will cut off a naval hotline created to encourage communication between the two, according to The New York Times. North Korea has also warned that it will strike if South Korea crosses into its waters. Just where South Korean waters end and North Korean waters begin has long been an issue of contention.

The increasing strife comes just days after South Korea announced it would suspend trading with the north, following an international investigation that concluded North Korea was responsible for a March 26 torpedo attack on the Cheonan which killed 46 South Korean sailors. North Korea responded to South Korea's decision to cut off trading by renouncing all connections to the south.

Speaking in Seoul yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton promised U.S. support to South Korea, which she called "a staunch ally, friend and partner." Clinton condemned the attack on the Cheonan, adding that the international investigation into the incident provided objective and overwhelming evidence of "an unacceptable provocation by North Korea."

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