Israel to Expel All Activists by Day's End

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Israel's attorney general says all of the nearly 700 activists detained in a deadly raid on an aid flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip will be deported by the end of the day.

Yehuda Weinstein says Israel has decided not to prosecute any of the activists. Officials had earlier said they were considering prosecuting about 50 people believed to be involved in violence.

But Weinstein wrote in his order Wednesday that "keeping them here would do more damage to the country's vital interests than good." Israeli soldiers killed nine activists in the raid Monday.

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shadeed ahmad

I hope the disaster of Israel attack on the aid flotila headed for the Gaza Strip will ultimately foster a long over due climate of sincere mutual respect, kindness and peace in the Middle East.

I often listen to the arguements in that region of the world and marvel at how remiss the premise of kindness reigns supreme in negotiations.

The concepts of kindness, respect and fairness are are avoided like plagues. The inhabitants of the Middle East are failing the curriculum of Basic Religion 101 and expecting to be arbiters of humanity's perception of love and peace.

It is mandatory that the Middle East becomes a part of the vanguard of enlightenment for the planet. Thus far the chaos of the Middle East has selfishly shackled the spiritual progress of humanity.

The dated and ridiculous notion that violence is the optimum position to take to broker peace is truly a sorry bargaining tool amongst disagreeing human beings.

Time and the losses of human life and dignity are stern taskmasters who will continue to administer harsh licks to the psyches of misbehaving humanity that rejects spiritual laws for selfish ends.

The recent aid flotila issue speaks loudly to that fact. Sincerely, Shadeed R. Ahmad

Jun. 02 2010 05:33 PM

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