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Alexandre Lunsqui

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Drawings for Iberê

Performed by the Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam

Drawings for Iberê was inspired by a series of paintings called Spools, by Brazilian painter Iberê Camargo (1914-1994). These works depict numerous images of spools, which occupy an important part of the painter’s childhood memories. The paintings range fromfigurativism to abstractionism, exploring a wide range of visual and psychological configurations. In Drawings for Iberê, the kinetic elements present in most of the abstract paintings of the series are especially considered. Various notions of movement – from amorphous outbursts of sounds to repetitive and crystalline rhythms - are at the core of the piece. The work is divided in six sections, exploring the multiple configurations of Iberê’s Spools series. The piece was premiered by the Nieuw Ensemble at the Musiekgebouw in Amsterdam, 2009.



Performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble

Areia was commissioned by the ensemble Piano Possibile for a project entitled Schoenberg Revisited. In this piece, I used rhythmic materials drawn from the Aka Pygmies and Brazilian music mixed with harmonies taken from Schoenberg’s unfinished piece Three Studies for Chamber Orchestra. The challenge of such a project is to be able to bring together these apparently disconnected environments, but that can coexist if we investigate, understand, and extrapolate what is inside both their acoustic parameters (such as rhythms, temporal and harmonic relationships, timbres), as well as their cultural and expressive content. From the very beginning, therefore, this diversity was approached as a celebration of cultures and ideas rather than a creative barrier.