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Greenhouse Gas Rules Survive Senate Vote

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The Senate has rejected a Republican-led bid to stop the Obama administration from imposing new regulations on greenhouse gases.

The legislation would have denied the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.  With the President's clean energy legislation struggling for support in the Senate, this vote was a significant one.  

The Associated Press cited Senator Barbara Boxer, D-California, on the importance of the vote.  She said, "If there ever was a vote to find out whose side you are on, this is it." Senator Boxer is the chairman of the Environmental and Public Works Committee.

The vote was 53-47 on Senate Bill Resolution 26, but the A.P. reports the President still needs 60 votes to move forward with his larger energy agenda -- votes he doesn't have yet.

The victory for the White House may give a boost to its efforts to move broader clean energy legislation through Congress.