No-Fault Divorce Law Closer to Approval

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting a divorce in New York State could soon be a lot easier.

The New York State Senate voted 32-29 to pass a no-fault divorce bill that would replace the current law and simplify the divorce process. New York is the last state in the country to pass this type of legislation.

Enacting no-fault divorce would eliminate the requirement that one partner in a marriage show that adultery, neglect or cruelty was committed. Some attorneys also believe it would result in a fairer division of assets.

New York Bar Association President Stephen Younger says no-fault divorce would also save a lot of people a lot of money.

"It will save lawyers time, it will save on experts -- you won't have to go out and get experts to prove the kinds of things you had to prove, or private investigators," Younger says.

The Catholic Church and some women's groups are arguing to keep the current law, which they say is better for women and families.

The bill must still be approved by the state Assembly.


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Henry Plemper from New York

I am currently going through a divorce myself.
We are only married for 52 years and raised three children.
We have waterfront property with a 260’ dock and two boatlifts in the Hamptons and a Co Op apartment in the City.
We traveled and sailed all around the world.
I worked hard all my life to raise a family and show them a good live.

In 2008 after 43 years I lost my business due to the economic tsunami. In the process I got indebted.
My wife decided to file for a divorce in order to protect our property (That is what she told me).
By court order my name was removed from our properties to protect them from creditors.

She hired a prominent law firm in Suffolk County.
When I was served with the summons, I could not believe what I read.
Among other things I am accused of:
1) Cruel and Inhuman treatment.
There is a list of alleged incidents which are total lies and fabrications.
2) Abandonment. This is also a total and complete fabrication.
This trash can only generated by a legally trained professional (Based on this experience
I call them Shyster).

I am financially unable to afford legal counsel so I first appeared in court without council.
My wives lawyer asked that I be held fully liable for all my wife’s legal expenses at
$ 250.00 per hour and that I must pay for an Forensic Accountant at $ 300.00 per hour to investigate
my financial holdings (I have none).
I was told by the judge that if I don’t come up with money he will throw me in to jail for six months.
He gave me big speech that I am not the first person he has send to jail.
He stated: “ I have send people to jail even if they had a broken leg” (or somewhere along this line).

My wife’s attorney suggested that I should sell my boat and turn the proceeds over to legal counsel.
I had to sign the document my wife’s attorney presented to me.
It states that I will pay all her legal expenses and sell my boat.

In my opinion this has nothing to do with justice. I this is plain and simple blackmail and extortion.

I am unfamiliar with legal issues. This is the first time in my 73 years that I am in a court of law.
I am totally discussed to see how this so called legal system works.

On June 16 I read an article in the New York Times (Front Page) “ No-Fault Divorce in Sight for New York” After reading this article I suddenly knew why these shysters concoct such false statements.
In my opinion this is criminal activity.

The current law is a goldmine for these low level legal councilors and hopefully the law will change to put a stop to the activity of these rip off artists.
Go and publish it.
Henry Plemper

Jun. 19 2010 07:17 PM

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