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Explosions Rock Pakistan, 23 Dead

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Three explosions hit Pakistan today, killing at least 23 people. Another two dozen were wounded.

A suicide bomber on a bicycle set off the first explosion at a checkpoint 35 miles outside Islamabad, according to The BBC.

The checkpoint sits near the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex at Kamra, a major air force facility. The blast killed six people along with the bomber, and wounded 13, The Associated Press reported.

In Peshawar, a car bomb that was set off in a parking lot abutting a restaurant, swimming pool, health club and marriage hall wounded 15 people. Police said the bomb was detonated by a remote device.

"It is part of the violence we are seeing across Pakistan these days," Mian Iftikhar Hussain, the region's information minister, told The AP.

And a third bomb struck a minibus in the tribal area of Mohmand. The bus was headed for a wedding, and at least 17 of the wedding guests, many of them children, died in the explosion.

"It appears to be a remote-controlled bomb, and militants might have hit the bus mistakenly," Zabit Khan, a local government official told The AP.

In the past week, wiping out the Taliban and Al Qaeda has been at the top of the Pakistani army's list. The army has been targeting its attacks in the South Waziristan area near the Afghan-Pakistani border. Insurgents have struck back, killing some 200 people in recent attacks.