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Market Blast Kills 91

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A car bomb exploded at a women's market Wednesday in the northwest city of Peshawar, Pakistan.

The Associated Press reports at least 91 people, most of them women, died in the attack. More than 200 people were wounded. The Taliban has been blamed for the blast.

The explosion hit Mina Bazaar market, which lies in Peepl Mandi, a neighborhood where many Shiite Muslims live. The market catered to female shoppers, according to The AP.

"There was a huge blast. There was smoke and dust everywhere. I saw people dying and screaming on the road," eyewitness Mohammad Siddique told The AFP.

Peshawar is no stranger to bomb blasts. In October alone, more than 200 people have been killed there by militant groups.

The city is a three-hour drive from Islamabad, where Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is beginning a three-day visit.

Clinton is praising Pakistan's offensive against militants, saying the government deserves "high marks" for taking on the extremists. But, she says, the U.S.-Pakistan relationship must develop beyond an anti-terrorism agenda, to include issues such as education, energy and employment.

The Pakistan military's South Waziristan offensive is ongoing.