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Somali Pirates Seize Vessel

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European Union (E.U.) naval forces are reporting Somali pirates have seized another fishing vessel. The Thai Union 3 was 650 miles from the Somali coast when it was hijacked by two skiffs Thursday.

The Associated Press reports the E.U. heard of the hijacking when the boat's crew radioed in they were being attacked. An E.U. navy plane then flew over the scene and saw two skiffs tied to the Thai Union 3 and people on board.

The seizure of the Thai vessel makes the fourth ship that Somali pirates have hijacked in the past two weeks, according to The AP.

UPDATE SINCE THIS STORY WAS POSTED: The Associated Press reports the British navy has found Paul and Rachel Chandler's empty yacht. Somali pirates are suspected of kidnapping the couple while they were en route to Tanzania.