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Honduran Leaders Make a Deal

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Ousted President Manuel Zelaya and Roberto Micheletti, the interim government leader in Honduras, have made a deal that could bring Zelaya back to office.

The BBC reports the two have agreed to share government control through the Honduras presidential election November 29.

Zelaya's term officially ends in January 2010.

President Zelaya was forced from office June 28 by an army-backed coup, when he proposed extending his one-year presidential term.

Four months after the coup, Zelaya and Micheletti will sign a deal today in Honduras.

"I have authorised my negotiating team to sign a deal that marks the beginning of the end of the country's political situation," Micheletti told The BBC.

Zelaya said the deal is a "triumph for Honduran democracy." and he is "optimistic" about returning to power.

The Supreme Court and Congress must also sign off on the agreement.