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Will Restaurant Grades Change Where New Yorkers Dine?

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Restaurant owners are bracing themselves for a new food safety grading system starting later this month.

Diners will soon see an 8 x 12 inch blue "A," green "B," or yellow "C" letter posted at the entrance of every restaurant and bar in all five boroughs of New York City--nearly 24,000 locations in total.

But most New Yorkers are only just hearing about the new grading system now, and are wondering what, for example, a "B" means when it comes to restaurant cleanliness and sanitary conditions.

WNYC's Jim Colgan, the digital editor for "The Takeaway," went to midtown Manhattan's Restaurant Row one Saturday evening to ask New Yorkers if the grades, or perhaps health inspection reports, will change where they eat. Hear their reactions by clicking above, or have a crack at answering WNYC's question of the day:  

Would you prefer to see a restaurant grade posted in city restaurants, or see the actual restaurant health inspection report?