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West Bengal, India Train Crash Kills Dozens

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A crash between two express trains killed 61 people and injured at least 125 people in eastern India on Monday.

Although railway officials could not determine the cause of the massive train collision in West Bengal, The Associated Press reports that most train crashes in India happen because of poor maintenance and human error. Monday's crash occurred 125 miles north of Calcutta when the Uttarbanga Express slammed into the Vananchal Express as it left the Sainthia station platform. The trains collided with such force that the roof of one of the train cars was jammed onto an overpass above the tracks.

This May, 145 people died when a passenger train was derailed after it was struck by a cargo train. That crash, which also occurred in West Bengal, was blamed on sabotage by Maoist rebels. India's railway minister, Mamata Banerjee, suggested that the rebels might also be responsible for Monday's crash.