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37 NYC Cabbies Surrender Licenses

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More than three dozen cabbies who overcharged passengers are surrendering their licenses. The Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) says they were among the worst of the drivers who charged double-rate suburban fares within the city limits.

The TLC says those drivers overcharged more than 50 times.

TLC commissioner David Yassky says 600 of the city's 48,000 cabbies are set to lose their licenses for overcharging.

"The purpose here is to make sure that the people who are driving taxis are people of integrity and that the passengers get treated fairly. That's the goal here," Yassky says.

The commissioner says, so far, the TLC has won all of the cases that have gone to court. Cabbies who overcharged more than 50 times and surrender their licenses without a trial will have their fines reduced from $850 to $600. In total, drivers overcharged customers by $1.1million.

Yassky is not concerned about a shortage of taxis on the street. He says there are 13,237 taxis and about 48,000 licensed drivers, so, "600 drivers losing their licenses is regrettable, but will not have an impact on the ability of the industry to operate."