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NY Gov. Paterson Says Layoffs for State Workers Imminent

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Gov. David Paterson says he and his staff will being working “immediately” on layoff plans for state workers since New York is running out of cash.

Paterson says the state will once again be short on cash in September, and with August fast approaching, he wants to speed up the timetable for a plan to lay off state workers. The governor says he has no choice.

“Some unfortunate people who don’t deserve it are going to get laid off, and it burns me to have to say that,” said Paterson. “We didn’t get any cooperation from the unions in negotiations.”

A federal judge ruled against Paterson’s attempts to delay pay raises or impose furloughs. The governor’s employee relations commissioner signed a memo with union leaders last year that promised no layoffs in the 2010 calendar year. But Gov. Paterson seems willing to ignore that document, saying times have changed.

Paterson does not yet have a date for when layoff notices would be sent out. He also can not predict how many state workers might lose their jobs.