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JacobTV and Ethel

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The summer festival season of Cued Up on Q2 concludes with the music of Dutch avant-pop composer Jacob Ter Veldhuis, aka JacobTV, performed by the Ethel string quartet, as recorded live on March 11, 2010 at Merkin Concert Hall as part of New Sounds Live.

This original webcast was also the launching point for JacobTV on the Radio: an immersive 5-day festival that began March 17 and celebrated the music of JacobTV. Featuring introductions by phantom host JacobTV himself, hours of previously unheard pieces--from extensive European-only and private recordings of recent premieres, including his Piano Concerto No.2, "Sky Falling", exclusive downloads and previous insightful appearances on WNYC, JacobTV on the Radio was an in-depth and far-reaching exploration of TV’s experimental sound.

This concert contains strong language. Listener discretion is advised.

Engineering Credits: Edward Haber (Technical Director), Noriko Okabe (Music Mix), George Wellington, and Damon Whittemore.