Imam Behind Islamic Cultural Center Speaks Out, but Offers Few Answers

Monday, September 13, 2010

The imam behind the Islamic cultural center and mosque near the World Trade Center site spoke before the Council on Foreign Relations Monday morning. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf rehashed his previous comments without offering any conclusive answers to questions swirling around the proposed project, known as Park51, but he did say he wants to clear up misconceptions about Islamic religion and stereotypes in America.

"We must not let the extremists, whatever their faith, whatever their political persuasion, hijack the discourse, and hijack the media," he said.

Some of this he has already explored in other media appearances and in the Op-Ed he wrote for The New York Times. Rauf says that he's still considering all options, which leaves open the possibility that he could move the location, or that the nature of the project could also be altered.

He did admit that if he had known the project would result in the furor that has played out in the last few weeks, he wouldn't have chosen to build at that site and might have had different stakeholders in this project.

The imam did say the center would be a place for all faiths to come together in mutual respect, which makes it "worth the controversy."




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shadeed ahmad from new york, new york

I am utterly amazed at how the general public expects Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to come up with answers that will appease its madness and double standards.

In this case the general American public needs to look within its self for a major answer. Why can't The United States Constitution be upheld when it pertains to the rights of Muslim Americans?

Bigotry is as American as apple pie. Hypocrisy is the American lie of choice. And selective amnesia is better than any reality that would make for equality " in the land of the free and the home of the brave."

A billion Muslims world wide, as well as millions of people in other countries who relish truth and justice are looking at the immense arrogance and double standards being showcased by all too many Americans who have twisted understandings about the concept of patriotism and religious freedom.

The political, religious and social climate currently in America has us unfortunately living in a fool's paradise.

As Americans we have a deed to tremendous enlightenment and spiritual wealth in the existence of The United States Constitution, but instead many of us are acting like utter fools and asking one man (Feisal Abdul Rauf) to say what they want to hear, even if it will teach our children to not honor The Constitution and not respect themselves or the upholding of democracy.

By throwing insults at Feisal Abdul Rauf and Islam there is definite self-inflicted trauma finding its way to us. What goes around come around.

"In God We Trust." That sounds beautiful, but if it is true as it pertains to Americans then why all the hypocrisy, lies and denigration of sentient beings who are fellow citizens and trust in the same God.

Oh, they call her/him, ALLAH so as bigots who call him something else, we can make allowances for our evil because we don't need to take "In God We Trust" to include people who think they have the same rights to be accepted within the dictates of "our" United States Constitution.

Ignorance is bliss until reality hits.

Sep. 14 2010 10:40 AM

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