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Christian Marclay: Festival

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On Sunday, September 19 at 2 p.m., Cued Up on Q2 launches its Fall Season with performances from the Whitney Museum's Christian Marclay: Festival, a retrospective for the iconoclastic turntablist, composer and artist. The festival enlists an army of prominent experimental musicians, many of whom have collaborated with Marclay in the past, to perform and intertpret his art pieces, which often serve the dual function of both graphic score and art object.

The performances include musicians like Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, and Elliott Sharp, who have been experimental music darlings for decades, along with celebrated turntablist, Maria Chavez, and brilliant playing by pianist/composer, Sylvie Courvousier. Also included are studio recordings of Marclay's collaboration with electroacoustic pioneer and fellow turntablist, Otomo Yoshihide. 

After art school in the late 70's, Marclay moved to New York, where what was his new music at the time, Punk rock, led him to start performing songs. When he couldn't successfully recruit a drummer, he used skipping LP records as a percussive instrument. This spirit of creating a lot with a little still informs much of his art. Always seeking ways to yield infinite results from one recipe, Marclay uses photography, video, collage and found objects to provoke musicians to make music.