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Judge Rules Against 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

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Gay rights groups are celebrating a California judge's ruling against the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. As The Associated Press Reports, U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips, who has already ruled the ban unconstitutional, has now issued a worldwide injunction against enforcing it.

The lawsuit against the policy, which bars gay military members from serving openly, was filed by the Log Cabin Republicans in 2004. In a statement released on Tuesday, Christian Berle, the group's deputy executive director, called the ruling "a complete and total victory."

"These soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen sacrifice so much in defense of our nation and our Constitution," he said. "It is imperative that their constitutional freedoms be protected as well."

The AP reports that the U.S. Justice Department has 60 days to appeal the ruling, or just let it stand.