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Pedja Muzijevic Works for It

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In a search for the necessary paraphernalia needed to play one of Cage's prepared piano works (screws, nuts and rubber strips), pianist Pedja Muzijevic was kicked out of a rubber supply store on Canal Street because the clerk was a little uneasy with a grown man meticulously running his hands over the various pieces of rubber.

Later, suspicious airport security guards even gave Muzijevic a hard time for carrying a toolbox full of the doodads. Indeed, avant-garde music can be a challenge.

Recorded recently live at the Greene Space, Muzijevic performed a series of solo piano works that span the last three centuries. Listen in to Cued Up on Q2 this Sunday, October 31 at 2 p.m, to hear intimate renditions of these lyrical pieces. Replete with commentary by Muzijevic himself, hear why Scarlatti and Schumann were arguably more edgy than Cage and Feldman, and other insights from the Bosnian-born pianist.