The Brothers Balliett Talk to Alex Mincek

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Riddle: What rhymes with 'Price Check' and has won a Guggenheim Award? If you said Alex Mincek, you are 100% correct.

For their third composer interview, the Brothers Balliett invite Alex to the Q2-Music studios to discuss recent projects, upcoming adventures, and a fascinating obsession with pendulums. Alex has written for some of the hottest groups in NYC and around the globe, including Yarn/Wire, Due East, Elliot Gattegno, JACK Quartet, and Wet Ink, a composer/performer collective that Alex co-directs with partner-in-crime Kate Soper.

Among the many topics covered in today's interview, Alex hits on the nature of being a performer-composer (he is an accomplished saxophonist), the process of writing scores entirely by hand in a computer-dominated industry, some ideals that dominate his conception of ensemble sound, and so much more.

Selections from Alex's varied and incredibly high-quality catalogue featured on today's show include color, form, line, an ensemble piece with a gripping dramatic arc, and selections from his large-scale cycle of Pendulum pieces for various instrumental combinations.

If you don't know Alex's music yet, fix that situation. Right now.