The Brothers Balliett talk to Gregory Spears

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What do you call a composer whose music is unearthly beautiful, who has written operas, song cycles, cantatas, and who is so bold and avant-garde as to actually introduce a key signature into his music? We here at the Brothers Balliett call him Gregory Spears, and we were very pleased to welcome him into the studio as our guest this week. If you don't know this composer, now is the perfect time to check out his work – you'll be glad you did.

Maybe Mr. Spear's best known work is his Requiem – we'll hear some excerpts – a gorgeous piece that seems to combine the beauty of early church music with the mysticism of Arvo Part. We'll also hear a song on Thoreau texts, written for the opening of the National Opera Center, sung by New York City's favorite baritone, Jesse Blumberg. We'll also be lucky enough to hear a live recording of "Buttonwood", a large scale string quartet written for the JACK quartet, inspired by the composer's work at mental rehabilitation center. 

Tune in to hear how today's young composers view tonality and how to make use of the past in an ever-changing future. Right here on Q2 Music!