The Brothers Balliett Talk To Jonathan Dawe

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Composer Jonathan Dawe

What do you get when you stir together a profound love of Baroque music, an obsession with fractals, and a keen sense of orchestration and harmony? If the first thing off your tongue wasn't the music of Jonathan Dawe, today's program will introduce you to a world that you'll be glad to get to know.

Time Out New York may have been on to something when they described Mr. Dawe's music as "quirky, fascinating modernist variations on earlier styles" – the music is indeed quirky, and the motivation is patently ancient. But there's much more to it. Shot through with a deep sensitivity to human emotions and conflicts, Dawe's operas and chamber music contain some of the most stirring passages in contemporary music.

The Brothers Balliett sit down with Jonathan to talk about inspiration and compositional process, learning a thing or two along the way about bold transformation and the use of fractals as a compositional tool. Featuring chamber works, solo pieces, excerpts of operas, and his composition for the Boston Symphony, The Flowering Arts, todays' program will alert you to a world of music that is making audiences sit up and take notice.