Defacing the Romantics with David Kaplan

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David Kaplan

In the best possible way, of course. When composers find ways to make the music of composers like Chopin, Schumann, and Schubert relevant, fresh, and brand-new again, we think listeners should doff their caps and give a hearty round of approbation. That's precisely what you'll get in today's show, as we explore music by composers that scribble all over great Romantic chamber music with astounding results.

David Kaplan has worked for years on a commissioning project that pits some of the best composers working today against Schumann's masterwork Davidsbundlertanze. Schumann's set of dances evokes a Romantic spirit, and no lesser musicians than Caroline Shaw, Timo Andres, Marcos Balter, Gabriel Kahane, and Samuel Adams contribute to a suite that juxtaposes a new age's spirit, all enfolded together. Taking their cue from the Schumann source material, these pieces will delight with their seeming familiarity, and surprise with the new directions they pursue.

(Incidentally, you can hear him play these pieces live on 3/22 at LPR. 6 PM.)

David Soldier takes a more extreme approach to defacing Chopin's iconic Minute Waltz, including a version that plays all the notes that appear in the piece at once, and another that presents only the rhythm, as well as six more bizarre and beautiful interventions.

Placed alongside Wolfgang Mitterer's truly bewildering and charming verisions of Schubert songs, these pieces will have you wishing more composers took up the role of a graffiti artist.