Music for Staring at the Fire

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The Brothers Balliett are curled up in their respective New York apartments, nice and cozy, and hoping all our listeners around the world are comfortable and warm during this last week of 2013. Special for the holiday season, this week we offer music designed to accompany the obligatory fire-staring that is so much a part of this time of year. This music is designed to help you zone in, zone out, forget the world and focus on the fire.

Opening our show is Part I of Philip Glass's beautiful and sprawling Music in 12 Parts, perfect with a fire and a cup of eggnog. For a shroomier fire experience, we offer L'âme ailée – L'âme ouverte by Giacinto Scelsi. Amazing that this is just one violin, and remarkable complementary to fireside sittin'. Heinz Holliger's Studie über Mehrklänge is an exporation of oboe multiphonics, and a great representation of the fire itself!

Finishing the show we'll hear Valentin Silvestrov's extremely beautiful and meditative Naive Music, which is just about as relaxing as anything you can imagine. So even if you don't have a fireplace, pull up a video of a fire on your computer, put on this show, and spend an hour just starin' at the fire.