The Graffiti Show

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Sun7 - Spray-Paint Artwork

Writing music over top of other music is nothing new. Consider Western Music's first Masses, which were in a sense committing musical graffiti on top of plainchant. Today the tradition is alive and well, and this week the Brothers Balliett explore some of the most exciting and contemporary examples of musical graffiti writers.

Among the examples we'll hear will be Charles Wuorinen, composing on top of the music of Josquin, jazz pianist Uri Caine scribbling all over Mahler, and Max Richter's beguiling recomposition of Vivaldi. In addition we'll hear addition by subtraction, committed by Wolfgang Rihm on a symphony of Brahms. All this and even more this week with the Brothers. So grab a can of spraypaint and your favorite score, and you can be a graffito as you listen!