Guerrilla Composer Portrait: Andrew Rindfleisch

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Continuing a series of portrait concerts without their subjects' foreknowledge, advice, or permission, the Brothers Balliett explore today the whimsical and fanfare-laden world of internationally-recognized composer Andrew Rindfleisch. A devoted pianist, conductor, improviser and producer as well as composer, Mr. Rindfleisch is currently head of composition studies at Cleveland State University. 

Should we ever meet Mr. Rindfleisch, one of the first questions we ask him may be why fanfares and brass music play such a large role in his output. Whatever the reason, we're glad he's explored this genre so completely, for his contribution to the brass literature is hard to overestimate, and makes for some supremely fun listening. We'll hear a smattering of fanfares and brass works, including a couple of ingenious arrangements.

Large-scale thinking is not foreign to Mr. R., either, as two orchestral works demonstrate: What Vibes! for clarinet and ensemble dances as often as it yells, and Opening Veins is represented in a visceral account by the Slee Sinfonietta (both expert performances are led by the composer). 

These works, along with a few other surprises, will either introduce you to this unusual and magical world, or deepen your love of this music. Have fun!