Hit Me in the Bass Clef

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Last week on the Brothers Balliett, the flute was the featured instrument. That's great and all, but it left us feeling a bit unbalanced with so much treble representation. This week The Brothers Balliett delve into the deep end, and listen to some of the most exciting music being written today for those stalwarts of the subterranean, the cello and double bass.

Have you heard any music by Brian Cherney? This Toronto based composer is all about texture and engagement. His Capriccio for Solo Cello is a joy to listen to, especially in the hands of Matt Haimovitz. Want to go even deeper? Check out the Variations for Solo Contrabass by conducting legend James Yannatos. Played extremely beautifully by Edwin Barker, this music is both deep and American.

We round out the program with Syrmos, a wonderful work by the Greek enigma Iannis Xenakis. This week's show will ground you while lifting you off the ground. You don't wanna miss it!