Krazy for Kairos

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When the Brothers Balliett enter a CD store (which happens at least once a week), there are certain unimpeachable traditions in place: hit the used CDs for unusual bargains, check for any Stockhausen Edition CDs (notoriously rare), maybe just double-check to make sure there's not a new Aesop Rock or Battles CD (wishful thinking), and, of course, raid the new music section for ANYTHING put out on the Kairos label.

With this record label, which specializes in music by the European avant-garde, one can rarely go wrong. Almost any CD will be a special disc, full of fascinating sounds, unique colors, and the best performances Europe has to offer.

This week's show celebrates this label with music by Klaus Lang, Beat Furrer, Pierre Jodlowski, and more. Get to know some new composers and some old favorites, all well-represented on this remarkable label.