Lou Reed, Opera Duet Singer?

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As tributes to the late Lou Reed continue, two videos highlighting his operatic side have resurfaced.

One features the rocker singing beside Renee Fleming at a 2009 Prague concert commemorating the 20th anniversary of the former Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution. The unlikely duet version of "Perfect Day" was said to be the idea of Václav Havel, the former Czech President and a longtime fan of Reed's music.

Watch the video below (hat tip: Slipped Disc blog):


Six years earlier, an audience of 20,000 turned out for the annual charity Pavarotti and Friends Concert, staged in Luciano Pavarotti's home town of Modena, Italy. Along with duets with Sting and James Brown, the tenor joined Reed in a singular rendition of "Perfect Day."

Watch and tell us in the comments below: which of the two duets is more successful – that with Fleming or with Pavarotti?